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As a developer...

ADG constructs aviation and hangar facilities for sale or lease to aircraft owners/operators. Please view our projects page if you are interested in learning about our projects or contact us if you are interested in aviation facilities at other locations.

Interested in selling and leasing back your aviation facilities?

If you currently own your facility, ADG acquires aviation-related real estate for leaseback to owners or users.

ADG can purchase your facility and lease it back to you so your company can access capital to:

  • Reduce debt
  • Fund mergers and acquisitions
  • Fund capital improvements and expansion of existing facilities

We also design and construct new aviation facilities for sale/leaseback to operators interested in leasing newly constructed facilities.

Other advantages of a sale/leaseback arrangement include:

  • Access capital for other projects
  • Maintain full operational control of the hangar and property
  • Generate tax benefits by offsetting leasing cost as an operating expense
If you are interested in sale/leaseback opportunities please contact us.

If you are interested in leasing or purchasing your own hangar facility at one of our current projects, please view our projects page. If you are interested in constructing, leasing or purchasing your own hangar facility, at an airport we are not currently serving, please contact us.