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There are at least three (3) financing options available. As with previous projects, we expect to make arrangements with our construction lender to provide long term financing for hangar purchasers. Alternatively, if you have an established banking relationship, your lender may provide financing.

Also, UBS Financial Services provides either Fixed or Variable rate asset based financing. For further information, please click here and contact:

Malcolm D. Glover / Richard Starch
UBS Financial Services Inc.
Lending Services

Businesses that create new jobs may qualify for one of the Small Business Administration loan programs described below. Using Small Business Administration (SBA) financing, purchasers may qualify for 90% financing (10% down payment). The SBA financing program was created by the United States Congress to stimulate business and to give small companies an opportunity to own their own real estate. The underwriting requirements are rather liberal and most experienced and many new start-up companies qualify.

There are two SBA loan programs available to buyers, the 504 and the 7a.



The SBA 504 program combines a conventional first deed of trust from a local lender in the amount of 50% of the purchase price with SBA financing secured by a second trust deed in the amount of 40% of the purchase price (total=90% financing). The buyer invests only 10% in cash equity and pays loan fees and closing costs. At today's low interest rates, the monthly payments are well below market rents for comparable properties. And, of course, owners of real estate have the right to deduct annual depreciation from their taxes.

  • Low FIXED rate.
  • Only 10% cash down payment - compared to 25% to 30% for conventional real estate financing.
  • 20-year fully amortized - compared to 5 to 7 year terms with many lenders
  • Only 51% occupancy by owner / borrower required. If you don't need the entire unit, lease out the unused portion and expand into it later.
  • Funds for additional or custom interior improvements to your unit can be included in SBA financing.
  • Loan is from a single source, typically a local bank.
  • Low adjustable rate, tied to the prime lending rate.
  • Only 10% cash down payment - compared to 25% to 30% for conventional real estate financing.
  • 25-year fully amortized - compared to 5 to 7 year terms with many lenders
  • The 7a program is a multi-purpose loan that can provide financing for real estate purchases, interior improvements, equipment purchases and working capital.
  • The SBA lender will arrange the financing with the bank and the SBA. You need only provide information about your company, including financial statements and tax returns.
  • You can borrow 90% of the purchase price of your unit plus up to 90% of any custom interior improvements that you may need.
  • The monthly mortgage cost is generally far below the costs of renting a comparable property.
  • Owners of Hangars at Steamboat receive all tax benefits offered to owners of real estate including annual depreciation.
  • Owners of Hangars at Steamboat benefit by the appreciation in the value of their property (instead of giving these benefits to landlords).

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