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Bob Adams Field (SBS)
Steamboat Springs, CO
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Executive Hangars for Sale
Project Status: Completed
Availability: Phase II sold out
  • Hangar sizes and prices
  • Features
    • Electrically operated bi-fold hangar doors with auto-latches and man doors
    • Water and sewer connections in hangars
    • Separately metered 200 amp service, 120/208 volt 3-phase electrical service
    • Gas-fired infrared tube heating system
    • Full insulation

Aviation Development Group has recently completed a hangar development at Bob Adams Field Airport. The hangars are located just East of the ramp area between the terminal and ARFF building, and range in size from 3,600 square feet (60' X 60') to 5,280 square feet (88'x60') and are designed to accommodate single-engine piston aircraft up to small jets and cabin class twin engine aircraft. For sample hangar configurations, click here. For a description of the hangar units, click here.

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