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Palm Springs International Airport
Palm Springs, CA
Project Status: Construction complete
Availability: Sold out.
Located at Palm Springs International Airport, our new executive hangars are part of a master-planned hangar community. Designed to utilize all the services of the nearby Signature Flight Support FBO facility, the site includes 16 individual hangars.

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Palm Springs Hangars

Access to the community is via a gated, private entrance. Hangars feature extra-wide ramp areas and private parking.

These hangars will accommodate turboprops and mid-sized jets. The project includes hangars measuring 60'x60' and 65'x60'. All hangars have clear open door heights of 19'.

ADG negotiated a 40-year land lease, with an initial lease rate of $0.35 per sq. ft. for the hangar plus 10 feet of ramp space. For example, the initial annual ground lease payment for a standard 60'x60' hangar will be $1,470.

Palm Spring Site Plan